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Liberty Hall Volunteer Opportunities

Come join the fun!

Liberty Hall is staffed by Liberty Hall Manager, Anne Payne, and a large group of dedicated volunteers. The Hall cannot operate on it's own - it is the people involved that make it special.

It's easy to volunteer and does not take a ton of time. We need people to help with ticketing, ushering, performer hospitality and marketing.

If you have a talent - we have a need. Just fill out the form on this site and you will soon be contacted through email by our (volunteer) Volunteer Coordinator to see how you would like to help out. It is that simple. Usually volunteer times are in blocks of two hour periods. And each time you volunteer you earn a free pass to a furture event of your choice!

Some special position descriptions are listed here:

Hospitality Liaison – one needed per performance

The Manager will work closely with this volunteer who will act as performer hospitality and liaison. This person will assure that the requests of the performers are adhered to and that their needs are met (including food and beverage). They will answer the performers questions and be a calming and hospitable influence. They will make sure that the performer has an enjoyable time while in Tyler. 

Time commitment: The week before the performance find out the performers needs. You will need to get snacks, a gift and make sure that their dinner plans are arranged. Any expenses you incur will be reimbursed. 

  • Meet the performer when they arrive and make sure they know where everything is and have what they need; dinner, parking, etc. Assist them with directions and just stay available to them while they are in our care.
  • Benefits: Two future Liberty Hall performance (of your choice) tickets and opportunity to get up close with and meet, assist many very talented performers

 Ushers and Ticketing – 4 or more needed per event/performance

The Usher is the link between a ticket purchaser and an enjoyable theater experience. They are responsible for creating a safe and welcoming space for patrons. Ushers hand out programs, take tickets and assist the patrons with finding a seat. Ushers attend to the general cleanliness of areas being used in the performance. One usher should remain to assist in case of emergency. Ushers will need to be aware of fire and medical emergency procedures.

Time commitment: The individual sets his/her own dates. Performances are scheduled in advance and volunteers are encouraged to sign-up early. You may sign up for duty on a regular basis or may take multiple performance dates throughout the month. Arrive 15 min before show time. Stay until the audience area is cleared and the show is in progress or you are released.

Qualifications:  Needs the ability to interact well with people, be polite and remain calm under stress. Must be able to stand for short periods and walk easily.

Benefits: For each performance that you volunteer, you will receive a ticket to one show of your choice.

Marketing and Special Events Committee –  This work involves assisting in the promotion of the productions, services and public image of Liberty Hall.  Members of this committee assist with delivering posters and fliers around town and assist with ideas for marketing events.  Responsibilities will include meeting and talking with business managers and owners about putting up posters, distributing fliers, brainstorming different marketing ideas for the shows and setting interviews with talent. This committee is great for students that are pursuing a marketing, event management, writing, arts administration degree, and film degree.

Each person who works on marketing an event will receive two complimentary tickets to that performance.

Goal: to promote the performance and fill the seats!

For more information please call Anne Payne 903-521-7274.

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